Negative readings overnight

Sense and Solar newbie…electrical dummy…forgive incorrect verbiage.

lots of negative…no pun intended questions regarding negative output…but not sure I have read one that fits my situation.

Have 2 devices connected to 2 200 amp services. Solar connection is only on 1 panel. I have noticed…since March 6…week or so after solar was activated…that it reports negative numbers during the night hours. Any ideas?

First thing I would suggest is to power cycle the Sense monitor with solar. Hopefully you have it on it’s own 240V breaker. It should come back up and reattach itself. That has fixed my negative usage situations

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I had a similar issue with my CTs having a small amount of corrosion on the contacts I cleaned them and added some dielectric/silicone grease and they now are reporting better data will see if this fixes the issue long term over the next few months. This was also added to the connection to the connection from the CTs wires into the Sense monitor.


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Thanks for the replies. Tips didn’t seem to help in my case. I did fail to mention that I have a 10KW battery backup. The negative Sense readings continue until the battery is fully recharged. Then it flips to reading Solar input correctly. Screenshots are from this morning…Sun’s not really up yet.

You might want to diagram where the backup battery is with respect to your CTs (mains and solar). If your battery is on the same branch with your solar panels, the solar CTs will see negative energy flow from the grid to your battery when it is charging.

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This may help regarding @kevin1’s suggestion (advice to electricians on the Solar install).
It may give you a clue to the energy flow and what the graphs are doing.