App shows NEGATIVE energy use for over a day straight

New install - worked s expected for a 2 days (detected 1 device) and now it is showing negative usage, going on day 2.

Getting VERY Frustrated - I’m new to Sense. Started with a dead unit, a bad power cord, and wasting 4 hours of time just to install.

I do not have Solar.

Anyone else see this before?

Are the CTs installed in the correct direction vis-a-vis the flow of current?

Post several pictures of your installed SENSE device and the connections. There are several reasons you could be getting bad results.

Support pushed an update to my unit that fixed the issue… Considering I just received and installed this unit within the last 5 days its pretty disappointing that it didn’t have the latest firmware update, or fix, for this bug.

So far user experience (this problem, dead device, poor initial install experience, etc) with this device has been really bad, and I’m a techie, not a noob. Not a happy customer so far…

And every piece of newish tech you’ve bought has been perfect right out of the gate, right?

Spoiler: Sense won’t identify every appliance in your home in the next week, or even the next month.

Not usually but an update that fixed a serious known issue (like negative usage data) should be pushed out with the the unit - or, at minimum, I should have been told to get the update when I was talking to the tech the DAY it was installed.

How about something like… “Since we just sent you a new unit to replace the one that was DOA, and now that the new unit is up and running, lets make sure it has the fix for the HA-HUGE bug that makes the unit worthless if you hit that bug”

I had a similar issue with my unit. I actually thought that the negative numbers were accurate since I was sending electricity into the grid from my solar system. Turns out that it was user error. I fudged the instal and Sense caught it. I talked to customer service and they keep an eye on it daily until it fixed itself. Good luck with yours.

Aaron, I also experienced exactly the same issue when I installed in March. There were numerous interactions (more than 20) with the Sense support personnel, cryptic responses from them regarding what was wrong at there end and numerous Factory Resets, resets of data and days of little value while awaiting a reply from Sense.
Expect more of the same. You may not see even the simplest device being detected for months but be assured the response from the PR side of Sense will be to wait patiently as the Data Scientist/Team are working feverously to correct some unknown issue. An issue you will never gain additional insight into; after all you are just some customer with little or no knowledge of what the elite scientist are capable to accomplishing, given more time (and likely another round of VC funding)
You won’t be told what the issue is, except in the vaguest of technical terms, apparently passed through layers of administration/PR filtering.
My Sense has found 8 devices, two pairs of which are identified as a single device while I know the signatures are from two separate device on each.
Oh, and 9 of 10 devices I have purchased recently have worked right out of the box. Guess which one is the Sense unit?
Hang in there, it will measure the total Solar Power you have generated, until you or they do a RESET.
Senses elite science team haven’t figured out how to archive data, but they are or will be working on that, they just need more time!
If you use an Android device you will be even more annoyed with some of the quirks they introduce. Patience again, whey will fix one thing but likely break something else, after all you are a Beta tester. Oh! Wait you didn’t sign up for that did you?
I enjoy my Sense Monitor because it means I don’t have to walk 500 feet to view my solar production.

I talked to customer service and they keep an eye on it daily until it fixed itself. Good luck with yours.

Funny you say this. I have a suspicion that the appliance signatures are curated/approved by humans, the new devices seem to be released around the same time of the day. So far the device detection has not met my expectations. :frowning:

I am looking forward to improvements.

@1agkirk2, I’m really sorry that Sense hasn’t worked very well in your home. I can assure you that the issues you experienced were abnormal (which I realize doesn’t change your experience). Typically once Sense is installed, the signal map is automatically set and device detection can begin. Your home unfortunately had some issues with that. I’m not sure what you’re referring to with regards to broken Android functionality, however. If you’re unhappy with your Sense experience and are interested in a refund, please send me a message.

@aaron1, sorry to hear you didn’t have a great experience to kick things off! The fix that our support team pushed was likely just a correction to the signal mapping (in order to fix the negative) that gets automatically set when Sense is installed.

@kevin5, while our data science team does work on developing detection algorithms, the detection of devices themselves is indeed automated. Some devices can take a little while to detect. Appreciate the patience!

Bless your little heart BenAtSense, what a generous offer, but then I wouldn’t be able to point out the continuing difficulties with my Sense Monitor.
The problems with the Android app have been repeatedly reported via the Problems Report.
Hope the scientist at Sense will be able to correct the abnormalities my home experienced with the Sense monitor so others won’t have the same issues.

As do I. Improvements have been made to our automatic signal check process since you first got set up but I can’t say for sure if that has taken care of the issue you experienced.

Our Android team is currently investigating the power meter label issue that you and a couple of others mentioned.