New device type request: Sewing machine, 3D printer


My wife does a lot of crafting and sewing and i was wondering if you could add sewing machine and maybe 3D printers and die-cutting machine i.e. Cricut maker to the list of devices under either appliances or electronics. Thanks

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Sewing machine for sure, I have 4.
@mike_gessner, has sense detected her sewing machine? I have not had any of mine detected yet and one is an energy hog.


I have one of those TP-HS300 power strips in her craft room and her sewing machine as well as a few other things are plugged into it so its getting good data from it. My wife makes custom bags and is in there every day sewing for hours so hopefully this will get them some good data for sewing machines.


That’s what I’m going to have to do, use a smart plug. When I see leather I draw a lot of electricity but no detection yet.
I figured sense would find my sewing light if anything. On low it’s 500 watts and high it’s 1,000 watts. It gets turned off an on often as I turn it off anytime I walk away for a few minutes.


Sewing machines are hard to treat as a single category, because similar to garage door openers, they come in both an AC motor and DC motor variety. I think most of the higher end home machines today use DC motors with speed control electronics. I’m fairly certain that Sense would have trouble with the DC motor variety, since that makes the machine look more like a power supply brick from the wall outlet perspective. @samwooly1 and @mike_gessner, do you know what kind of motor you have in each machine ?

ps: @mike_gessner somewhere between this forum and the Facebook Sense users group, I have seen Sense waveforms for a 3D printer. It was not a ‘found’ device, but the guy had small enough background noise in his house that the 3D printer usage was visible.


I believe three of my machines may have DC motors and the industrial I think is AC. The machine I use most uses only about 245 watts at full speed and power but it varies depending on stitch selection adjustments and the material being sewn.

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I don’t think it matters what type of motor it has and i am just looking for a label similar to these in the picture so I can label it with a sewing machine picture like the other things that i am labeling. I don’t have a 3D printer and was just thinking about it and figured i would ask so it could get added to the list of devices for labeling in the app.


OK - You’re just looking for a device icon, not a device model.


I would like them to add it under categories like these


I changed the thread name to better say what i am asking for

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There’s definitely expansion to be done for device types. Still, there’s just no way we could ever provide an exhaustive list. I’m looking around my own house thinking I’d like to have one for guitar amp, external hard drive, and soldering iron…not sure if I’ll get those anytime soon. For now, you can make use of the “Other” electronics category for a lot of devices like these.


Yeah, I need an icon for a SmartGrill and few dozen Wall-warts :wink:


Has sense detected a soldering iron?
I ha e a 30 watt that doesn’t even show on the timeline when plugged in.
I have this 540 watt floor heater which was one of the main devices I wanted sense for that it still hasn’t found.


I have an HS300 with my soldering iron on it, a Weller 50w/60w.


My ender 3 creality printer has been found, so it’s just a matter of time on your 3d printer.

One a side note, if that screenshot is how many devices you can see, your doing way better then me. Ice had my sense almost a year and mine don’t look anywhere like that.


Well I have 4 HS110’s, 3 HS300’s and 1 Wemo all plugged in which helps out a lot. hopefully they are getting some good data for sense and hopefully it helps out with device detection for others as well which is my hope. I just got two more HS110’s in the other day because they were on sale but i haven’t plugged them in yet. I am thinking that i might install one on my dishwasher and the other on my garage door opener but haven’t decided yet. I’m just not sure what would be the best thing to install them on that would help out with data collection so hopefully i can get some feedback from @RyanAtSense before i install these.


My dishwasher is a Frigidaire Gallery about 4 years old and is detected by sense. It took several weeks for it to be detected but is pretty reliable. We run 1 to 2 loads a day which I think probably helps with detections.
Keep in mind that your dishwasher is probably hardwired and would likely require a receptacle box installed and appliance cord retrofit to the dishwasher if you use a HS110.
Thought I’d let you know before you pulled it out and got a surprise.


Oh my dishwasher is already detected by sense and I’ve already plugged in the make and model number into the sense app but sometimes sense thinks its turned off sooner than it actually did and I was just thinking of adding the plug to get better data for sense but kinda waiting to hear back from Ryan to see if maybe they at sense are looking for data from other devices that i might have that i can use the smart plugs on. The HS300’s took care of most of the devices that i wanted to monitor and my computer, home network and security cameras are on UPS’s so i just have the UPS’s plugged into HS110’s to give me a total usage of them on how they are used. Oh and i just put that dishwasher in last year and it has a plug and is plugged into an outlet directly behind it.


You had a good install, that’s how they should be done but rarely see them that way.
My dishwasher was one I didn’t think would be detected as it has an inverter but it and my washing machine with an inverter are both detected.