No connection after power blip


I had a power outage of about 15 seconds and Sense could not connect to WiFi after that. This is the first time in a very long time that I have had such a problem. The WiFi signal was never lost as my modem and router are on a UPS :frowning:

Logged out and had to teach Sense the WiFi again to get it to come back.


Yup this happens alot. Just lost a day’s worth of data again today. They say they are looking into it…

See also: 1/10 Second Power Outage = Sense Offline


I think it’s a small bug they’re working to fix.

That being said, Even if your Modem/Router is on a ups system, your Sense device isn’t. Unfortunately, when you lose power, Sense loses power, regardless of a broadcasted WIFI signal. :slightly_frowning_face:


It’s only a small issue if it doesn’t affect you. I’ve had 22 brownouts this year. This is more my utility’s problem than it is Sense’s. However, every other connected device in my house handles this fine.

Like you said, it’s more of an issue for Sense because it can’t be put on a UPS.


Yea, this is a bug we’re aware of. We definitely understand it can be frustrating (especially with that many brownouts!) and are trying to get it fixed (although the fix maybe longer term). What we are working on in the short term is an alert for when your monitor gets disconnected. That should hopefully make the loss of connection after a brownout a bit better, while we work on a permanent solution.


Hi Ben, This is an often reported issue by users. Over months now, I believe. Sense then typically replies that this is a bug that’s being worked on. Could you elaborate if progress on resolving this issues is being hindered by (1) diagnosing trouble (how can we users help?), (2) by limited Sense programmer staffing (could you go open source on WiFi chip interface?), or (3) is this a hardware issue after all and are you considering sending out replacements? Thank you, MB

PS: In the meantime: Include this post-power-blip reset step in your manual for new users?


I know this has been an issue that some have been experiencing for a while now. Our monitor software team is trying to track it down while simultaneously moving forward with important improvements. It does seem that there a few different issues that are causing loss of connection, which complicates things a little. The best thing to do would report when this happens, if it is connected to a power loss event, and if you know how long the event was. There is a possibility that it is a hardware and if that is the case, we’ll definitely explore the best way to correct the issue.

I can definitely create a a quick manual for what to do if your Sense loses connection. As I mentioned before, we’re working to add a notification for loss of connection. We’ll likely include some guidance in that as well.

I’m sorry if this has been an issue for you and hope we can get it resolved soon!


Good news! (Sort of) I had another brownout, but I didn’t lose any more data. Taking advice from Howard in this thread and the Facebook page I was able to reconnect the device rather than resetting it. I did this by going into settings, wifi and getting close to the device and resetting the wifi info. It then backfilled the data.

That seems to fit with the wifi being the issue, even though all my network equipment is on a UPS.

Hopefully this helps. I’m at least glad I found a way to stop the data gaps.


As we know this issue persists without an update from Sense on a fix.

Possible to share this work-around to at least save the data?



You just have to reconnect it to the wifi. It will seem dead, but it’s not. Previously I would just flip the breaker it was on to reset it.

Instead open your sense app, get near your sense, open the settings then sense monitor and select wifi. It will walk you through “changing” the wifi. Put it back to your WiFi and it’ll backfill the data.


Hmm… same problem here, but now I can’t get Sense to connect to the WiFi. It can see the network, and I can input the password, but then it fails to bind. I noticed that when I installed it the first time, this step of binding to the network took absurdly long (2-3 minutes). Nothing I’ve tried has reconnected the device. I should add that the Sense box is blinking orange at the moment.


I just had my monitor go offline. I tried getting close and going through the Wifi setup process, but the monitor was completely dead and didnt respond. It said"Can not find Sense". I had to toggle the circuit breaker and then go through the wifi attachment process before things came back to life. Of course there’s a 45 min gap in the data now.


Sorry to hear that @dmagerl. We’re in the process of testing some solutions to this issue and recently added the offline monitor notification to help reduce any outage time.


I have my TWO senses go offline almost weekly. In some cases they reconnect and in some they don’t. Living in Florida we have had power brownouts related to Irma repairs.

All my other smarthome devices are much more robust. Im surprised that the Sense is so easily knocked offline. It should at the very least try to reconnect to the WIFI (in my case its 1 ft away from the AP, my cellphone wifi has full signal where it is.)

Please Sense, change the process by which it tries to connect if it loses power. This is a hassle and Im getting tired of having to go turn it off and on all the time.


My sense goes Off after occasunal power interruptions.
It requires a breaker off-on cycle to get it back On and a multiple manual WiFi reconnection setup tries to put it back online.
Sense loses all data during Off state.
And at my weekend house I could lose weeks of data! - not cool.


that’s great. Now instead of just flipping the breaker you have to go through the process of reconnecting sense to the wifi? That’s more annoying and time consuming no?

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