Sense going offline until power is cycled

So this has happened a few times now - perhaps once every couple of months, and there doesn’t appear to be a common factor I can pin it on. It happened yesterday, and I’m pretty sure that there wasn’t a power outage, or a network outage because I have data coming in reliably from the Enphase system all day.
What puzzles me though is that Sense doesn’t recover from this. While it was offline, I attempted to use the phone app to communicate with it - and there was nothing - no communications at all. Once I cycled the breaker, all was hunky dory.
My question is - do you have a resource watchdog running here? In my line of work (embedded software for consumer appliances) whenever there is some resource that is essential for operation like the network connection in Sense we have a watchdog in the software that resets the device after the resource has been absent for some period of time. It sure feels like somewhere in your code you have a lockup situation that it can’t get out of…

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Do you live in an area prone to brownouts? There’s a hardware issue with some monitors where a brownout occurs and some monitors will not come back online after it. This has since been resolved. If you think this may be the culprit, definitely reach out to Support.

There’s a long thread about it here: 1/10 Second Power Outage = Sense Offline

Hmmm…so I went and looked at the Enphase data for that period…and lo and behold…

Very interesting. Do you you see other voltage drops like that historically?

Well, dunno. I extracted this one because I knew when you look…but the other events I just cycled the breaker when I got home.

This one is interesting because it corresponds very nicely with the start of the Sense going offline - which I know happened at 9.15am.

What might be REALLY interesting is that my neighbor has just installed a Sense (based on me showing mine off :)) and so I imagine he would have experienced exactly the same power glitch that I did. I just asked if his unit went offline yesterday - I’ll update you when I hear back from him…

Just keep in mind that this doesn’t affect all Sense monitors (only a small subset), so he might not have experienced it for that reason. I’d still recommend reaching out to Support on this. They can better diagnose than I.

Well, support basically shrugged:

Hi Paul,

Thanks for reaching out.

Looking at the thread on the Community forum, it seems like your monitor went offline due to the brownout (voltage drop). Power interrupts can have a weird impact on some electronics. If there is a brief interruption of power, Sense may not always be able to naturally get back online by itself. In these situations, the monitor should be able to get back online simply by power cycling the device. Unfortunately, there is not a lot we can do to resolve this particular issue from our end.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Sense Customer Support

Also, my neighbor said that his unit dropped out at that time but was back online after about 10 minutes…

I’m going to shoot you a quick PM about this.

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Interesting, I’ve has my Sense for 2 years and in the last month or so my Sense has gone “permanently” offline twice where I had to power-cycle to bring it back online.

How long does the Sense need to be offline before the email notification is sent? I’m trying to look back at UPS logs to determine if a brownout occurred around the time the Sense went offline.

It needs to be disconnected for 30 minutes. However, the process that sends out the notifications runs once an hour, so it could be 30 minutes to 1.5 hours before you get the notification.

Interesting, one of the days (June 9th) I got the email Sense was offline an hour and ten minutes after my UPS switched to battery for 2 seconds due to distorted input. The other times there were brownouts the same day but the UPS emails and Sense emails were significantly more then 1.5 hours apart.