Better networking watchdog

I purchased my Sense in 2017. During this period of time I have not yet had a year of data without holes in my usage data.

I THINK the cause is

  • Power goes out
  • Internet goes out
  • Router and AP on battery
  • Power comes back
  • Sense connects to AP, no internet available yet
  • Internet returns
  • Sense is offline until I cycle power on it

Now that we get emails when the device has been offline I can usually catch it before to much data has been missed, though annoying. This time however, I missed the email and I am now missing over a month of data.

Can we get someone to take a bit of time and look at the networking watchdog code and check how it retries it’s connection/internet state?

RESOLVED: 1/10 Second Power Outage = Sense Offline - Technical Questions - Sense

To: @CarlT
I had the same problem you are describing happen to me 3 years ago. Read the blog above. My solution was to use a TD-69 relay timer. Since I have installed it, no problems with SENSE rebooting. It’s a cheap work-around. You don’t need all the additional relays that I installed. Just wire the TD-69 to your black ‘power wire’ on the SENSE unit. TD60 SERIES DELAY ON MAKE Time Delays Timer SUPCO TD-69: Industrial & Scientific

I appreciate the link, and it even looks slightly familiar. I wonder if I stumbled on it in the past when dealing with this.

The thing is though this really SHOULD be straight forward to fix in software. I know often on weird things there are fun technical “reasons” it can’t be fixed as easy as that but I am having a really hard time coming up with one for this.

I sent multiple requests to the SENSE Support Team and entered multiple tickets to correct this issue. I can send you all their replies sent to me from 3 years ago. I never saw any improvement. In the end I decided to correct the issue using hardware on my side. Currently my relay is set to 4-minutes delay.

I really think this problem is related to how good your network is and how quick electrical power is restored to the neighborhood communication servers. If your network is quick to reboot, then no problem. That’s why only a few users will ever experience this issue.

If you search the forum for ‘TD69’, you will find other users who implemented this same solution.

For short-term power-outages using mini-UPS devices for the “network devices” can help a lot. Of course that only helps as long as the outage is shorter than the capacity of the UPS devices.