Offline 13 times this year



Are other s having this problem? Seems like a bug - or hardware design flaw.

In 2018, so far, it has gone offline 13 times.

This time, its been offline 14 days until today I rebooted it to get it running again. This happened in May also and was down for 14 days until I rebooted it. Clearly I need to mark Sense notification emails as urgent.

SENSE DEVS PLEASE – if you cant fix the root problem (maybe you have a hardware or design bug?) put in an auto reboot function that if the unit isnt communicating for something like 2 hours it auto reboots itself!

My Wifi router is only 10ft away - and no, I’m not moving it - it works fine with the wifi cam that is only 2 ft away from it.


To: @aaron1

Review these two previous posts. Maybe one of these options could provide you with a solution. I haven’t had any problems with power outages or “momentary power outage (a blip/bump)” since I installed my additional relay. I had the same discussion last Jan 2018 with the SENSE support team that you are now having.

On May 13th

1/10 Second Power Outage = Sense Offline Technical Questions

Background: If we have a residential power outage, the SENSE monitor quickly restarts before the internet and WiFi connection has been re-established. The SENSE software is not robust enough to reconnect later if WiFi (or internet) is not present (or available) during the reboot phase. When we have a neighborhood power outage, it affects our ISP neighborhood hubs along with our home network. It takes time for the internet and WiFi connections to be re-established at all the different locatio…

On May 22nd

1/10 Second Power Outage = Sense Offline Technical Questions

Ok, TD69 has arrived and is installed. Confirmed that the black lead to the sense is the one that powers the unit. Disconnecting red leaf halves the power reported but the unit stays online. Very simple install, will see how well it works: [image] As long as sense can survive a <70ms interruption, this should do the trick. Also, I didn’t notice any voltage drop across the TD69, so unless it has some weird nonlinear stuff going on internally, there shouldn’t be a measurement error problem due…


Aaron, some monitors have experienced a hardware issue with the watchdog timer. Do you live in an area with frequent brownouts or power outages? If so, that is the likely problem. If you write into, they can help diagnose and replace your monitor if needed.