Brief Power Outage and Cable Modems

We had a very brief power outage this afternoon, less than 5 seconds. I was enough to cause my cable modem to go offline and start a reconnect sequence. also the Sense unit went offline. It takes a few minutes for the cable modem and local wifi to come back up but by then the sense unit has already rebooted itself and cannot find any wifi locally. This is a timing issue when power comes back between the sense unit and the cable modem wifi router.
It makes sense (no pun intended) to me, that the sense unit should at least try multiple times to reconnect to the local wifi following a complete power outage. The only way I saw that Sense was offline was when I checked my email a few hours after the power outage. Then I was able to power cycle the sense unit and it came right up on the local wifi. Is this BUG in reset algorithm in Sense?? Regards, Karin
BTW: I am sure that there are many other folks using Sense that have the same issue.


Go to this SENSE blog. It’s long blog, but read the whole blog about how others utilized a ‘Delay Relay Timer’ “TD-69” to solve this problem. I haven’t had any problems after I installed my relay which was 6 months ago. It’s a very simple installation. I set mine at 8-minutes delay after power is fully restored. There are pictures and details. Good luck!


There is a potential hardware issue causing the need to force reset. If you contact, they can help diagnose and replace your monitor if need be.

I’ve seen the same issue but didn’t think anything of it. But if my power goes out I have to cycle it to get it back online.

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