Noisy Power Signatures

I’ve recently learned that Sense has problems with some power characteristics, where the device is providing a “noisy” signature. That makes it hard to detect, and also corrupts other signatures. In my case, this has been isolated to a “constant pressure deep well pump”, from Franklin Electric called SubDrive75. While running, there is a sawtooth power pattern varying from 250-300 watts at low water flows and all the way up to 750+ watts at high flows.

While I would think this is distinctive enough for Sense to recognize it (sense still hasn’t seen my well pump…a BIG draw due to my geothermal heating/cooling), then subtract it from the power signatures to eliminate that from the other power consumption, apparently it can’t. So, whenever my pump is running, it masks/corrupts other discovered device signatures.

Hopefully Sense engineering can figure out a clever way to make use of this fairly unique pattern for identification (there are LOTS of Franklin Electric pumps out there) and to clean up the noise and make it possible for my Sense to reliably report more than three total devices.

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