Notification for Solar Inverter

Is there any way to setup a notification that my solar invertor is not running? My inventor needs to be reset every so often.


I just leave my old iPhone 5 running the Sense app, I can see the comings and goings of the electricity all day long

You can craft one or multiple solar Goals as detailed here:

I suspect that Sense is considering an automatic alert for such situations because it’s one of those emphatic events that lends itself to some additional smarts. Thinking out loud:

  • Correlate solar output with local sunshine and time of day; lower than expected output ==> problem ==> alert.

  • and/or look at solar history when there is a change in generation not having a cloud movement signature or fitting the likely timing/pattern of shading events.

Not exactly disaggregation of the solar signature so much as using similar logic to the Mains analysis. i.e. Sense Labs > Power Analysis ==> Sense Labs > Solar Analysis.