One or Two Stage A/C

I have two 2 stage A/C units
Will Sence (in time) tell me if I am running one or both stages?

As of now I just get a bubble that (named) A/C 1 or A/C 2 is on
As I am in Florida and the AC is is on quite a bit I assume they are both running at stage two but I would like to know.

The draw always seems the same and more or less constant for both units
A/C 1 - 4036w+/-
A/C 2 - 3000w +/-

I only have single stage AC units (northern California - units aren’t on that often), so I can’t give you first hand experience wit two stage. It might be instructive to post a phone app view of the main Power Meter when one of your compressors goes on, off, and switches stages. That’s the place to try to understand what Sense will make out of the on, off and switching stages transitions.

@Brightonuk , one more thought now that you have your Ecobee’s up and running. If you want, you can DM me some of your hourly Sense data and Ecobee data from each one. I could then do a plot like the one below that would show you the correlation between the hourly data from your Ecobees vs Sense.

Just to give you some bearings, AC 2 and AC 3 represent hourly energy (power) data from my Sense for two different single-stage AC units. CoolSec_Down and CoolSec_Up represent the hourly runtimes from my downstairs and upstairs Ecobees. You’ll probably have 2 values, one for stage 1 and one for stage 2. The two boxes with nearly diagonal lines of data points show the correlation between CoolSec_Down and AC 3 plus CoolSec_Up and AC 2.

DM me if you are interested and I can give you more specifics about what data is needed. It’s all just raw CSV data export from Sense and the Ecobees.

Sorry Kevin major computer issues (had to build another one from scratch)
I am not sure how to extract the data you are looking for if you can offer some guidance I would be happy to help

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Hi @Brightonuk ,
Glad you’ve successfully moved to your new built-from-scratch computer !
I’ll PM you about data needed.