PG&E various Tier/Plan cost integration?

Is there anyway Sense can try getting Utility plans/tiers integrated into the app so that we can match with the utility data? (Depending on which zip code you live in?)

Especially billing cycle start time, date, etc. Along with all possible power plans, etc?

PG&E recently took out energy plan that gave energy At discounted rates during weekend. Now no matter what day it is, you pay peak pricing during 5-9 PM or 4-8PM EVERY SINGLE DAY. Pretty much for all the plans that are available.

It would really be helpful in savings in energy bill if sense can integrate that type of feature so that we can keep tab on things that we can probably turn on during off peak timing, etc.

In ideal world, once that has been well integrated, sense would probably say, when you turn on dish washer during peak time, for an example " it’s peak timing, you could save $6 if you choose to run dishwasher today after 8pm". Or something like that… Depending upon your chosen rate plan.

And something like…
“This week, you have used 14kWhr energy during peak time while using dishwasher, dryer, etc…”.

These info would be very valuable in managing energy use especially when sense have real time data. Why not to utilize that to make it even more interactive and interesting?

Energy company give you only energy use information however it’s not real Time and often available to you after 24 hours or so. Having real time input from sense app could help us utilize certain equipment in our household.

What you guys all think about this?

Not sure if something like this already being worked on by sense labs?



@Manny1314, Sense took a fair-sized step forward with the addition of real-time Time of Use (TOU) pricing and costing.

That still doesn’t handle tiered PG&E plans, like the common Residential E1, but the writing is on the wall that pretty much all tiered residential users are being moved to TOU over the next year or two.

If you have a PG&E TOU plan today, you can enter it into Rate Zone editor and set up alerts for excess usage in different Rate Zones.

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Oh cool. Damn. I missed that news update.
Let me check it out

Thanks for the info.

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