Price by time? Api? Calculations?

Just got my sense setup. I noticed you can add the cost per kwh to show how much your bill should be. But my rate plan has different charges depending on the time of the day. Is it currently possible to set that?

Also is it possible to show total cost of only non solar energy used? I mean the math is simple enough. Load-solar*cost. Can we make our own widgets to calculate information? Is there an api?

That is a feature request that has already been requested (see Product Wish list).
See Time of use pricing

There is also a related request for amount of use pricing. This is tiered pricing based on how much you use, not when you use it.

1 Like has alot of good information on doing what you want as well.

Sample time of use (TOU) cost calculator here, that works with exported Sense data:

You could write your own in whatever language you want. Would recommend export over the informal API, since the API only gives realtime data - you have to store and manage on your own.

Thanks for the link. Read only a little but seems like what i’m looking for. I’m a-ok with storing raw realtime data myself and then creating my own dashboard for calculating usage and costs. Thanks!