Time of day use

My utility offers Residential time of day use rates. Right now I don’t have anyway of knowing what my usage is during these periods on a daily basis. I have had Sense installed for almost five years now. Obviously using the app I can see the individual appliance use and the daily, weekly, monthly, and billing usage. Is it possible to have a function to set the time periods defined by my utility so that I can determine if it makes any sense to go on the Time of Day rate schedule. Currently I would have to do this manually and keep track of the data.

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I think the Time of Use feature may be what you are looking for. Find this feature in the Sense App under Settings > My Home > Electricity Info > Time of Use Rate Zones.

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@karinann , here’s more info on Time of Use setup:


Let us know if this is what you were looking for. I think we can mark this one as a Released Feature.

I think that what is being requested is for statistics on usage by the time-of-use zones.
For example, in the “solar” page, there are breakdowns of power (production, usage, to grid, from grid) by period (day/week/month/year/bill). I use these to estimate my solar payback, but I have to guess at the proportion of peak rate. This breakdown would be useful also without solar (especially if the totals were given on the “usage” page also).