Poll: Changing default forum display

Got a question for the group. Lately, I find myself always changing my main page sort to Latest rather than the default Categories view. This is especially useful to do on mobile. Am I alone in preferring the Latest view rather than Categories? If the majority prefer Latest, I can change the default sort method. Let me know which you prefer. Here are some pics (desktop and mobile) to illustrate.

Category sort (default):

Latest sort:

Mobile (Latest, then Category):

  • Sort by Categories (Current option)
  • Sort by Latest

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Looks like you’ve spoken. I’ll change default sort to latest. If you ever want to go back to the category view, just hit the Categories button at the top of the page (to the left of Latest).

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Given the relative low volume of traffic on the forums, I think latest does make a lot of sense for ongoing reading and keeping up.

OTOH, for a new reader who is making their first visit, the category view may be the best start. I’m not sure how I would satisfy both.