Possible problem with A/C

So, we had a pretty bad lightning storm that already blew out my cable modem and some networking equipment. Was just sitting down to finally watch some TV when I started hearing a rythmic noise comming from the compressors on the outside wall behind my tv. Looked at my graph and saw this pattern in sync with the noise I was hearing.

Immediately turned off the thermostat, and went out to inspect. Pulled the cutoff fuse there at the unit and took a good look. Couldn’t see any damage or corrosion, put things back together and came inside. Turned the unit back on, no rythmic noise and the pattern looks more like this

Though right now I seem to be having a problem with the app…

Either way. I know there was a few threads about compressor restarts and “fixing” a/cs with similar problems. But I’m not even sure where to start, or what I would say is wrong, though it doesn’t seem to be happening right now.

Not in the mood to spend $125 on a service call after spending $400 replacing my networking gear if it’s a wild goose chase.

Any help welcome.

Try getting onto the web app for Sense - home.sense.com

Turn on Sense Labs in the Settings > General

Look under the new Sense Labs (beaker icon) tab. You’ll be able to see if Sense has detected any Motor Stalls or Power Quality issues.

If you have had some motor stalls, it’s likely coming from your AC. Some thoughts on what to do here:

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A lightning strike is a classic AC startup capacitor killer … that could lead to the issue you experienced.

Follow @kevin1’s suggestions and you’ll probably find the culprit.

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If the total cost of repairs is a few hundred dollars, it’s probably not worth turning into your homeowner’s insurance (since, even with the cost of the networking equipment, it may not hit your deductible). But if things end up being more expensive, call your insurance agent to discuss options.

My neighbor’s house was hit by lightning a few years back. It blew out some networking equipment at my house, but, all told, it was a few hundred dollars to replace everything (so not worth submitting to insurance). My neighbor had a hole that was punched through an exterior wall by the lightning, plus it killed two garage door openers, a few smoke detectors, some networking equipment, and took a chunk out of his driveway concrete. On top of all of that, he had various service calls to check the electrical panel, wiring, HVAC system, and someone looking for smoldering fires, etc. You can bet that was over his deductible.