Power meter device overlay

I wish there was a way to select individual devices on the main power meter.
Even better if we could select multiple devices, each their own color shade overlay.

We have the main power meter, we have device level power meters, the data is there. It just needs to be combined into a single interface.
I realize this wouldn’t be possible in real-time for various reasons. However with some work this should be doable retro actively. A day behind or whatever once Sense backend has time to put everything together.

This would be of great benefit to compare various device cycles, components of a device, duplicate detections of the same device, or missed detections.

Graphically seeing things like a Motor 1 turning on before a Motor 2 would make it so much easier to determine Motor one = HVAC Draft Inducer, Motor 2 = Blower Motor. This would additionally allow someone to pinpoint why some devices fail to operate properly. HVAC didn’t turn on because the inducer motor didn’t turn on, or the inducer did turn on, but the unit failed to fire up.

In my instance I’m trying to demonstrate a single device component has been natively detected twice, some of the time it reports as one device, sometimes another device, sometimes both. Both native detections independently show higher wattage than actual wattage reported by a smart plug. Having this graph would allow me to see exactly why this is happening & if there is anything else going on in my house at those exact moments that could cause these native detection issues.