Add "Device Name" and "Type of Detection" to banner of Device Power Meter

So one can tell the difference between screenshots of the main Power Meter and device-specific Power Meters.

ps: I can tell the difference in mine in the daytime due to the addition of Solar, but for folks without solar, it’s pretty difficult to discern the origin of a Power Meter waveform.


I definitely have more than a couple duplicate screenshots because I’ve taken screenshots of my fridge defroster or another device to use later, but then can’t figure out what’s what. I’ve started writing on my screenshots what they are so I’ll know.

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Made a minor change to this Wishlist item to make screenshots of the Device Power Meter even better for documentation and support ! Include the following at the top for the Device Power Meter:

  • Device Name
  • Type of Detection - Native, Smartplug (maybe be specific by Integration - Kasa, Wemo, Wiser), DCM, and Hue. The logic would need to sort out merged devices in based on which waveform “wins” - two Natives merged = Native. Native(s) + Kasa = Kasa. Native(s) + DCM = DCM. No merging allowed with Hue.

Thoughts ?

ps: This would also make devices much more self-documenting for addition to the Community Device Library.


So are these in line before or after the new icons promised about 18 months ago?