Power Meter graph for "all other"

Although we can see the bar graph for “all other” devices, if we could see the power meter graph (as we can for all identified devices) then we could often figure out for ourselves what is using a bunch of power even if Sense cannot identify it. Because two-thirds of my power usage is still in the “all other” category after more than a year it would be useful to be able to see the details of this usage.


Although it’s not exactly what your looking for. I go to the device page, then scroll to “usage”. There I can select the timeframe I want from day, week, month etc. and see what the cost is for all “other combined. To get more detailed, what I do is select “day”. The green bars will show up for each hour and placing my finger on the green bar will reveal usage and cost for that hour. While not nearly as good as a graph and useless for detection, it does help me figure things out by seeing what time of day most electricity is used because I know who was home and what everyone is doing.
I do agree, a graph would be very useful!