[Power Quality] - 1000x Dips and Spikes in 3 Days

Thanks for the clarification. seeing the updated results is amazing in what a simple gound can do.

Wait a minute here.
Are they saying the Neutral and Ground was not bonded in that panel with all the breakers and that they bonded the neutral to ground in that panel?
If so that is incorrect.
The ONLY place the Neutral and Ground should be BONDED is at the main disconnect meaning the main breaker that when turned off shuts of ALL power to that panel. From looking at your pictures I believe that is your 100a breaker.

Take a look at this PDF

I may have misunderstood the intial assessment.

The ConEd utility neutral may be ok

Right now our main issues are:

No water ground.

An exposed phase an inch away from the the ground, a good wind gust away.

Interesting. Clearly you need to have your service drop replaced, that amount of corrosion shows it has been like that for quite some time, a long time, years. I imagine the wires in the mast are not in much better shape. Depending on your local codes they may or may not allow a new drop to pass through your soffit. In my area they do not. Unfortunately you are likely responsible for the cost, but fortunately it look’s like a short run and you caught the issue before disaster.

While they are there make sure you have them confirm this resolved the original issue.

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As an update here is the breakdown of work that is being done:

Provide service to disconnect and remove defective line side feeders from existing weatherhead to line/load side
of meter pan to service switch.
2. Furnish and install a total of (1) new set of line and load side feeders from Con Edison point attachment to line side of meter to service switch.
3. Furnish and install a total of 11⁄4” weatherhead onto existing service mast to accommodate the above.
4. Furnish and install all required proper bonding and grounding including new water main ground wire and clamp to existing equipment/water main.
5. Furnish and install a total of (1) new ground rod complete with new #6 AWG ground wire to accommodate new grounding requirements.
6. Furnish and install all required surface mounted conduit to accommodate the above, where applicable.
7. Furnish and install all required conduit, wiring, and associated hardware to accommodate the above installation.

After replacing my ground and doing the above work.

The utility also came and found that their neutral was missing too and also replaced their service lines.

I had both problems.
A) No ground
B) The neutral was not even connected to the center tap of the transformer.

Success! Without sense I wouldn’t have seen it.


Wow ! The electrical and electronic devices in your house will thank you.

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That was clear and showed “No floating neutral detected”

Go buy yourself a lottery ticket. You are extremely lucky.

Wonder if @JustinAtSense could ask the data science team what happened and why nothing was reported by Sense?

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Glad to see things are much better. When I read the first part of the thread, I thought you might have the same problem I had. There was one circuit in my house where there would be random, but consistent fluctuations of power that caused the lights to flicker and the UPS on my computer to keep coming off and on. It was happening dozens of times per hour. And you could see the voltage fluctuations on the app as well. On a hunch, I replaced the breaker on that circuit with a brand new one from the store. As soon as it went in, no more flickers no more voltage fluctuations, not even one.


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