Power Quality - 1000X Spikes or Dips in Last 30 Days

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Sense Labs … 1000+ Detected

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Hey @fillthisbox - this is the highest number of dips/spikes we’ve seen in the Community so far. At first glance, it looks like 1000x is the max threshold for our design (so you may have more than 1000x dips/spikes in the last 30 days). Is it okay if we have Data Science potentially take a look at your monitor data?


Yes I don’t see why not. I’m new to using sense so this was a bit alarming to me. ty

Yes I don’t think that would be a problem.
I’d like to know what’s up myself. ty

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Hi @fillthisbox - thanks for the patience while Data Science took a deeper look at your data.
Your house voltage oscillates between 110V-122V - we believe this 12V range is indicative that your utility is working on voltage optimization throughout the day. This is something that most utilities do regularly in order to reduce peak loads. What is not typical here is that the range for your house is not centered at 120V, but lower.

This could be due to several reasons including:

  • your home could be far from the closest transformer, resulting in a lower consistent voltage supply
  • a potential issue with Sense CT sensor installation (If you’re not experiencing any other issues with your Sense, then this is probably not the cause)

There are a few overlapping reasons you’re seeing so many dips in Power Quality.

  • There is a small change in voltage when your AC is operating (on average, about 3-4 volts). We’re not quite sure if this is normal on our end, but we do not believe it is concerning.
  • This small change in voltage when your AC is operating (coupled with the slightly lower Voltage your house is receiving in general) is bringing you just under our threshold for a dip (110V)
  • In short, with the small (but consistent) drops in voltage from your AC along with your voltage consistently being under the average, you’re seeing a high amount of dips.

If you know that you’re pretty far from a transformer/towards the end of a utility line, this could be a major contributor to why you’re seeing so many dips. We do not believe that you need to have someone come to inspect unless you’re experiencing other consistent power issues that you haven’t already mentioned.

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