Power Quality - 248x voltage drops

How was your issue detected?:

I periodically check sense labs and this time it happened to say my house experienced 248 drops since June 30th. (Last time I checked in May/Early June there was none)

Did you noticed any other signs of this issue around your home?:

We’ve always had an occasional led light flickering (especially with dimmers) but nothing new that would indicate a voltage drop.

We did have a brown out on 6/24 but I’m unsure if that is related to this issue? However I do know for a fact I did not have voltage drops prior to that. (Sense labs only provides data from 6/30)

Screenshots from Sense Lab

  • Sense Labs graph screenshots

  • Sense Labs notification Screenshots

I would call your utility… Never know could be several things with the transformer or teh connections. Any other neighbors having issues?