Power Quality & Solar

So I did bash Sense recently for awful device detection (it still is) but like i said Sense is useful and here is some feedback on Power Quality.

I have a 13100KW SolarEdge with 39 290w panels. In SE monitoring I looked at the inverter error logs and saw a “F-L1 Min 1” error which is one of the mains dropped power below SE operating parameters. I also had seen from time to time my system chugging along and then dropping off production and then zooming back up. Was my SE system having problems? I the Sense Power Quality for the first time and noticed that Sense showed me on a graph where and when and by how much my voltage dropped on L1 to 58volts. So mystery solved!

Sooo another good to have it story for Sense.


Shared stories, such as this - makes me realize my untapped potential of the Sense Solar application! The more I read, the stronger a future solar installation becomes!

Thanks for posting!