Power Quality - Transformer Replacement

Ok, I have to say that this tool rocks! I am a new Sense user and my system has been up for less than 1 week. I installed it to help me get control of my electrical bill but also help me trace some power fluctuations that I have been seeing for quite some time that myself and an electrician were unable to locate.

The power fluctuation tool started showing dips right away 15-20 per day and the drops ranged anywhere from 15-50% on my L2 line. I called the electrical company yesterday about the problem and a crew found significant issues that needed to be repaired in our transformer.

Keep it up!


Awesome to hear @mcglynnjerry - can you tell us any more about what the crew found/repaired inside the transformer? Any photos of your Power Quality graph (before/after the fix) would also be really great.

Thanks again for sharing.


Assuming the first one is the “after transformer fix” :wink:

Yes, First picture was the after and second was before. I was seeing 15-20 dips per day when I called the electric company. They shut off the power after a brief inspection of the transformer and replaced it.

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