Resolved My Power Quality Issue with a New Transformer on the Pole

How was your issue detected?: By monitoring the Sense Labs power quality screen over time. I had reached a high of 563 power dips in 30 days. Now it’s on track to be zero.

Did you noticed any other signs of this issue around your home?: Lights would dim when major appliances such as geothermal HVAC started up.

The dips still showing (below) are right about the time (3/15/22) Ohio Edison came and replaced the transformer on the pole with a higher rated one. There have been no more dips past 5% since, so this number looks to go to zero. They had put probes on my power drop and confirmed the dips were taking place; they determined that the old transformer was right at the edge of it’s capacity. The new one is double the capacity. The old one was a “25” and the new one is a “50,” although I don’t know the unit of measurement.

Screenshots from Sense Lab

  • Sense Labs graph screenshots

  • Sense Labs notification Screenshots


The unit of measure is Kva or Kilovolt-amps. Google “how much is 25 Kva”. You will get more info than you want.

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