Why Am I Seeing Power Quality Drops?

I am getting drops like crazy… and have been for over a year now. I had the electric company install something at the pole to monitor this and they said it must be inside my house as they see no problem.
Anyone know what I should do about this?
Brand new house, brand new construction (1 yr ago).

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When you say drops, I’m assuming you mean power dips in the Power Quality view ?
Perhaps you can share a couple screenshots (using the little upload arrow in the icon bar at the top of the text entry posting box) ?
In this case, you might also want to share the CSV file with all the dip/spike events over the last 30 days.

I had the power company (Electric co-op) come out and install a device to monitor at the pole, but they found nothing wrong.
This is new construction 2 years ago… I have been receiving these ever since installing the sense.
I have no idea where I should go next with this, or if its even an issue.

How was your issue detected?:
In Sense Labs
Did you noticed any other signs of this issue around your home?:
The LED lights will sometimes flicker or dim just for a second.
Screenshots from Sense Lab

Just guessing…

You or your neighbor (on the same transformer) has a heat pump that is starting up on a regular basis and has a high starting wattage. The frequency is higher at night when it is colder. The power company may have run their check when there was no startup occurring. I had the same problem with my HVAC outside compressor during summer months.

You (or your neighbor) need to add a ‘hard start kit’.


Wow, thanks for posting screenshots. That is a lot of dips and fairly regular. A couple more thoughts.

  • You might also want to post a screenshot of your main Sense Power Meter for those same 24 hours on Jan 28th. If you have power usage spikes that roughly correlate, that might give more clues. You definitely have an underlying pattern in there.
  • If you would be willing, there might also be some clues in your CSV file with all dip events for the past 30 days. You can post that too, using the upload arrow.

@yourguide ,
Any more info ? It looks like the “drops” in your house occur simultaneously across both legs which indicates that:

  • It’s not an issue like a floating neutral.
  • The drops are related to the on of a 240V device, as @Dcdyer suggests.
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Thank you for the additional info… yes I think @Dcdyer has nailed the issue. I have a Geo-Thermal HVAC and I am going to discuss the soft-start with the installer.


I think you are exactly right! I have Geo-Thermal HVAC and I will discuss the “hard start kit” with my installer. Thank you!