Concerning Sustained High Voltage and Power Quality

Labs power quality reports 100+ events over 30 days. I also see trending high voltage on L1/L2 over 125VAC. Additionally there appears to be a fixed ~5VAC delta between L1/L2.

I do have 10.5kW solar but does not seem to correlate to solar events. Cannot correlate to HVAC load events either.

I do get occassional power losses, 10-20sec maybe every 10-20 days.

I’ve reached out to Duke Energy, but do not have high hopes - although looking at other posts this seems to correlate to supply transformers being underrated.

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I took a second look and it seems the drops (as seen during AM hours is actually HVAC induced). Correlated with Nest report.

This also shows a power loss event enough to trip my stove and computer at

Continue to talk to myself… Duke did do a quality check at the meter and claimed everything is fine. My next step is to go tighten my breaker terminals.

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Sorry about that - typically, I’ll only chime in on our end if I’m seeing something that is a recognizable red flag. You actually did a great job in your first two posts correlating the dips to HVAC start-ups, which checked out on our end. The only time we’ll do a further, in-depth analysis is if we see/hear some of the tell-tale signs of a floating neutral issue.

Either way, this thread is still very valuable to us as we look at how we can provide more information to users about dips and spikes in the future!

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Update, neighbor 4 doors down lost an AC leg during a lightning storm and since then I have not has anymore reported dips/spikes. Utility set then up with a transformer to maintain 240vac.

He hasn’t been repaired yet, curious what it looks like when they get back both legs.

There are 3 houses on my street with solar.

Final update, it seem whatever was up with my neighbor was the issue. They have since repaired the failed leg and my 30 day issues is down 5!