Power Sensing Device from Shelly

This device is a very cool home automation energy monitoring unit. I have a few of their earlier devices and they function beautifully and can easily be hidden. It would be great if Sense could draw power readings from Shelly units.

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I like the idea, especially because it can handle 240 but at just 16 amps there wouldn’t be many devices I could use it for. It would work for 120 just fine.
It does concern me about the space it consumes in a box.
another thing is if you wired it to a receptacle then both plugs in the receptacle would show as the same device. If you snapped the leg off between top and bottom you could separate them but you would have a mess of jumper wires further filling the box if you still wanted both receptacles to work. Only one would have the Shelly.
The only link I saw to purchase was a pre-order link. You said you had earlier devices from them. Can you provide the names of them or links so I can research the history of the company and the progress they have made?

The 240 is for European single-phase voltages (they have another unit coming that can monitor 3 phases). It is VERY small, like the size of 2 Oreos stacked. There is also the Shelly 2.5 which can separately control two devices of 10A each, and provide (switched) power metering to each. I have a couple Shelly 1’s and Shelly 2’s installed, and they work well. The 1PM and 2.5 are new versions arriving shortly. Most of their discussion happens on their FB page. They are also coming out with clamp based meters with various amp capacities, that could, e.g., be used in a breaker box to provide supplemental monitoring for just one circuit. Would be great if Sense could incorporate data from these.

So it wouldn’t work for 240 here? Europe has 240 volts hot on a single wire and requires neutral. What we have here is also single phase but it’s split, carrying 120 on two wires.
I’d like to see what they come up with that is dedicated to our market. There would be a lot of interest for a product that can be used for 240 I think.
Something to look into. This is the first time I had heard of that product and looks interesting.

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I quickly skimmed, so i might have missed it, but are these UL listed?

@RyanAtSense - wanted to add you directly to the thread. If Sense is able to use this, might be another useful device to garner “ground truth” data. Seems to be small enough and competitively priced.

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Right, it requires a neutral. Just like the transformer for your laptop. There is an induction clamp-type power meter coming that could be very interesting as a cheap means to supplement Sense.

My understanding is that UL testing is underway and they expect UL Listing this month. They are CE listed.

The UL listing isn’t a deal breaker for me. We all have a lot of things not UL listed, including the the Sense monitor. As long as the standards are met, I’m happy. Sense does meet the standards.

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