120/240 current sense to wifi

So, what I need …

I have a Kasa TPsomething which measures energy and interfaces to Sense through WiFi. I don’t need the control function, just the sense function.

But what I need is a wired device that can monitor the use and report back to sense via WiFi. I have solar so have already used the second connector.

  1. It should have two sensors one for each phase.
  2. Reports back and you tell Sense whether it is a single 240 volt use or two separate 120 volt uses.
  3. Maybe 2 versions, one capable of 30A and the other 60A.
  4. Being wired in means it can go either in the outlet or panel and doesn’t care about plug configurations.
  5. This would aid Sense in detecting devices like Furnaces, Electric Cars, shop tools.

Just my $0.02. I’m sure someone has asked for this before, but it didn’t show up in the search


There’s plenty of similar topics with this request. The closest thing that you can get right now would be to go Z-Wave with a 240 monitor like GE makes and then emulate a Kasa device so that Sense can pick it up.

So it’s doable, but it’s not a plug and play solution.

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Thanks Todd,

Just what would be required to make a z-wave device look like a kasa device? Is it just changing the names or do you have to write a shim to interface between the two devices?


You would need to write software for your z-wave hub that collects the power data and emulates a TP-link smartplug. See example here: