Powered by solar % inaccurate prior to Solar installation

The “Powered by solar” percentage is inaccurate when looking at a time period that spans pre and post the addition of my solar sensors. It is accurate if I look at any time period spanning after my solar was added. They were added to an existing sense install.

Any time period before the install shows 100%, instead of 0%. Here is a week before adding the solar sensors:

Here is the week I installed the sensors:

Here is the month I installed the sensors:

And the year:

It does appear to be accurate for any period only following the installation of the solar monitors:

Thanks for sharing @HighTechJoe. I’ll follow up with what I find here. In case it’s necessary, do we have permission to have our Support team look at your home data?

Yes, support has permission to look at my home data.

@HighTechJoe This appears to be a bug on our end and we’re going to investigate more internally. At this time, we don’t have an estimated time for a fix to be deployed but it’s on our radar. Thank you again for sharing.