Provide ability for Sense to double actual incoming power

i’ve been whingeing unsuccessfully at Sense Support to provide a facility to double the detected power from the single CT clamp pair provided. Why? because my 200a service arrives on the breaker side of the main panel distributed across two 100a breakers that are ganged together. there is no single point** where a single pair of CT clamps can capture 100% of power being drawn. however, one pair reflects exactly half of current drawn. providing a 2x facility and thus an accurate picture of power drawn would surely help with device signatures and provide a better chance of matching devices in the giant database.

** exception, break the lead seal and bust in to meter side of the panel and clamp on the grid side of the meter.

I understand your theory, but there is no way that method would be accurate. Do you have 2 - 100amp panels or do you have 2 wires feeding a 200amp panel?


not a theory!

this Siemens 200amp panel has the meter on left side with the rank of breakers on the right side. power moves from meter side to the breaker side via two ganged parallel 100amp breakers. i’d love to post a photo but best i can do is reference the panel model: Siemens MC2442S1200SC. here is a link to a photo of an unpopulated box with just those ganged integral 100amp breakers installed: Siemens MC2442S1200SC ITE Meter Center | Independent Electric

I would 100% open the other side and be done with it.

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Keeping in mind that I have Sense+Solar monitoring then “punching a hole” through to the grid side, upstream, of the meter as a point of measurement for CT clamps (A) does not solve the problem as it will not measure the same power as at the main breaker on the panel (B). Point A reflects a combination of grid drain AND solar supply whereas point B reflects power consumed by whole house. Point A will, at sunny times, reflect solar power returning to the grid, a “negative” or meter reversing value. Whereas point B will always be a drain.

Hence my request for the ability to double the value measured at the “whole home” main breaker.

If you have 2 2awg wires rated at 115amps each…both class K with 665 strands with every strand the same size and length.

And you run those 2 wires in parallel does not make your this system rating at 230amps, it would be rated somewhere in the 170amp range … and 1 wire will not run exactly 50% power. Current will take the easy path, as each wire conducts power… it would change the temps of the strands within each wire and change which strands and which wire / wires the current flows thru.

Parallel wire calculators will take you up 1 step in AWG when ran in parallel. For instance… two parallel 12 awg wires rated at 20amps each will bring you up to the equivalent to a 10 awg wire which is rated at 30amps.