Dual CT clamps for parallel feed


It would be neat to see a dual CT clamp setup to where each one of the ct clamps had two clips per wire so a parallel feed could be monitored. I recently purchased the sense and I have been having trouble with the calibration (stuck at 70%). I suspect my house is parallel at two 100 amp panels that feed into one single service feed (I’m not sure though). I have two mains and each one of them has a red and black going into it. I think if there was a way to have the CT cables have two heads on each wire (like a Y clamp setup per panel-both Y’s would feed into the same Sense port). Would that work?

Just as a side note: I have touched base with tech support. They are looking into it :slight_smile:


Similar problem. Need fix.


I have a similar issue: Two 200-amp feeds from our power meter feed two separate breaker panels. Unfortunately, the solar CT input cannot currently monitor in the same way/detailed measurement fashion as the primary CT inputs. That forces me to purcahse a second Sense, doubling my cost. But even then, I cannot combine accounts for two Sense systems, so it is an unworkable solution. The best solution would be a firmware upgrade that supported dual CT’s, or a second model that supported sensing on two separate feeds (not just solar total power on the second CT input).

Feature / product request!


Would likely need a new piece of hardware, because all the sampling bandwidth on the current Sense probe is spoken for. If you look at the teardown of the Sense it has hardware that has a 2x2MHz sample rate. Between 2 current CTs and 2 voltage sample points at 1 sample per microsecond, pretty much consumes the whole enchilada.

If you do buy two units you can combine data today using export.


This is the most relevant thread for multi-monitor/400A support: When will 2 sense device work together