Parallel Feed - Same Panel with Solar

I’m trying to determine if I can install my Sense given that I seem to have parallel feeds coming into my single panel. I’ve read this post (Square D load center support) which is my exact panel and configuration. Support’s response was return the unit - no go. :frowning:

Then I read this post ( where it seems that someone purchased a second set of CTs, rewired them in series, applied one CT to each feed and all is well.

Does anyone have any advance on how I can proceed? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

(On a side note, I have a Solar system I want to monitor which precludes me from doing a 400a setup)

@wntdone, what do the feeds look like pre-meter ? I have a 400A service plus solar so I installed the Sense CTs pre-meter on the leads coming into the meter. Can show you a pic, but my meter is inverted from yours - mains in to the meter come out of conduit from the ground.

I don’t have access to the utility side of the panel (it has a “seal” on it). So I’m not sure what that looks like TBH.

I had to pop and “re-affix” the seal (make it look reconnected). My electrician does it all the time. Power companies do that to keep people from stealing pre-meter electricity.

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I’ll take a look and see if there is a way to inspect that side of the panel.

It looks like I can get the CTs around the feeds - I just don’t have four CTs. What behaviors might I see if I just put the CTs around two of the four feeds?