Parallel Feed Help

Hello -
I am being told I have a parallel feed and that is not supported. Can someone explain what the issue is? I have almost no electrical experience, but from what I can see, my panel matches the install video panel. I spoke with my Electrican who says this is not consider a parallel situation as I have a single phase 240v system.


Do you have a second breaker box at some other place in your house ?

Typically a parallel feed is when there are two or more separate parallel breaker boxes/load centers that are fed by the post-meter mains. That would mean that there is a place near you meter where your mains get split to different breaker boxes. Parallel feed implies this is different from a sub-panel, where a second (or more) panel is fed by the main panel. Some parallel panels are tricky with Sense because they separate the combined multi-panel mains located at the meter box, from the place that your solar is back-fed into your system, making it difficult to connect Sense CTs to both sets of these.

ps: I have a parallel feed system where I have two main panels fed by my post-utility-meter mains. Fortunately, the main panel with the solar back-feed is located right next to the meter box. My only challenge is that I couldn’t get the mains CTs around the busses that come out of the meter box before the split to the two main breaker boxes. I was forced to pop open theater box and put the CTs on the pre-meter mains.

More info here:

And another possible solution here that would take adding another set of CTs and combining both panels.

This website should help explain the basics for residential systems.

From looking at your picture, you are showing a single breaker panel with 200-amp service using the typical residential split phase installation. I have the same questions as @kevin1. Do you have another panel mounted? Take a picture of your meter installation and post it.

Yes the main is split and goes directly into to main panels that feed my entire house just like in the picture I attached on message board.
It’s been 2 years and my installation with 4 CTs are working perfectly

I have a parallel feed system as well. My meter feeds a small panel outside which feeds the main panel inside. I have Sense installed in the small panel outside with the CTs on the feed coming from meter. Works fine.