Panel upgraded, How to identify the two Mains?

The instructions say to reinstall each clamp to the same main as before to “avoid disrupting device detection”. Unfortunately, this is probably not possible in my case because they replaced the mains all the way from where they enter the roof.

Unless also the phases of the individual circuits got randomized (all new single fuses now while there were quite a few doubles before!), there is a 50% chance to get it right. Are there some easy telltale signs to see if the clamp order is probably right or wrong so I can correct it if needed?

Should I just reset all device detection?

Hey @altenbach - let me double-check with our Support team in the morning to see if they have a recommendation for you. My gut reaction is that starting over with a factory reset would be best, but I’m not 100% sure :slight_smile:

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So far it looks pretty good without reset. Most detected devices are still good (Fridge, Washer, bathroom light, etc.). I have several KASA strips (entertainment center, computer gear, etc. where AI detection does not matter anyway.

(The only initial glitch was that I reversed the direction of the two clamps and the consumption showed negative. While the instructions say that the direction does not matter as long as both clamps face the same way, this is no longer true once initial setup has been completed once.)

It is somewhat confusing that the regular screens show zero instead of negative. Fortunately, the raw “Mains” value in the signal sections of the “My Home/Sense Monitor” panel show negative values to allowing me to easily identify the problem :D.)

I’ll see next week if the solar clamps need to be reversed. The panels are currently down due to re-roofing.


I spoke to our Support team, and their only recommendation was to place the CT’s on and watch for the detection performance of any 120V devices that were already discovered. If Sense is not tracking them at all when they cycle on/off, then you likely have the CT’s on the wrong lines.

Once you figure out the CT’s you’ll be off to a good start. It’s quite likely some of the circuits ended up on a different leg especially if you went from some double to single breakers. If that happened and your experienced/comfortable you could swap individual breakers/circuits around in your panel to get them back on the original legs. Switching some circuits on some legs can cause all sorts of strange things, some devices don’t get along with others weather it be noise of similar signatures. If you did a complete reset you’ll be back to square one and loose all detections and historical data. However that is an option if your having issues. I did a reset a couple months ago when I was experiencing a lot of issues (no wiring change). Re-detection has been quite good. A few new (never before detected) devices detected, a few have yet to be.


Have not done a reset yet, but some (very few!) devices were definitely no longer getting detected. Since most mayor things are on Kasa strips/outlets most things are still good. Same for the major appliances (Washer, dryer, dishwasher, fridge). I am really not that interested in all these other minor devices. What counts for me mostly is the overall household usage and the solar production.

I might have opened a can of worms by deleting some of the devices that are no longer detected, but I am not really sure what that does. Seems to be poorly implemented, because whenever a device is deleted, all other devices in the list switch places around and temporarily show wrong settings (e.g. devices on kasa show no switch and vice versa). After a few minutes the list settles in place and looks good again. Let me know if this was a bad idea and I do a full reset. :smiley:

Of course I have historical data since 2018 and I really don’t want to erase all that.