New panel install help

Hi just had a panel upgrade and service upgrade. So it looks like i may have reversed the orientation of the clamps as now both phases show negative watts.

I’d rather not have to open up the panel, will a reset fix this?

Do you have solar? And is you meter inside the meter?

Please be aware that a panel upgrade will likely cause any native detections you previously had to no longer work. Unless everything was put back on it’s original leg & even then slight changes can make signatures appear different to Sense.

Sense support can fix the wattage issue, but unfortunately you may be better off starting over.

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Thanks, I’ll raise a ticket, i’d rather not lose my historic usage so thats why I was looking for a solution that did not involve a reset.

No solar, the monitor is outside of the panel.

Like i said i believe the issue is the clamps are reversed after reinstalling.