Quantity value after Device Detection


I have several ‘devices’ that are detected. However, the ‘device’ is a combination of products. This is a common case for a single wall switch that controls:

a) bathroom lights + exhaust fan
b) flush mounted ceiling lights in the kitchen (or any location) - a single switch in our house may control 1, 3, 4 or 6 lights at a time.
c) Baseboard heater - I have two in our ‘mother-in-law’ suite that turn on simultaneously.

My production recommendation is that there is a “Quantity” field that allows a Sense user to enter values besides a recommended default of 1.

I would think this would be important in that if/when a light is detected and in my case my kitchen lights are detected, there are 6 units of Q50MR16C/NFL25 lighting units.