Real-time Data Solar Dip in Power Meter

I love it. If I had it to do over again, I’d take a loan out from my bank or save up to pay up front.

My installer got me financing from service finance, the rate is great but the initial financing charges were incredible.

We’ll still be getting free power in 9 years, and for now we’re paying the same per month as we would have for utilities.

We live in Arizona, though, where sun is always available.

I live in South Louisiana. I went here:
and was told by their calculator:

Solar Panels work well where I live
Meet 100% of my needs with 400 sq ft of roof space
save 30% with federal incentives
3% increase in home value

Congratulations! Solar can save you up to $0

I think it is because I use very little electricity and I don’t believe Entergy in Louisiana buys unused electricity.

edit: if I put in that I use an average 80 dollars a month rather than 60 dollars. it says I save 5 dollars with solar. lol. this is over a 20 year period.
I lose 12,000 if I take out a loan for it.

I tried it out on my friends house, they would see up to 13,000 dollars in returns on a solar investment over a 20 year period. so it must just be my small roof, orientation, and low usage and probably the lack of ability to sell back kWhs

edit: yeah no matter how high I raise my electric bill, the return over a 20 year period is 10 dollars are less. lol.

Hey @ryan.lynch - thanks for calling this out again. We actually have the team looking into a fix now, thanks to your reminder. Stay tuned!

@BradAtSense - 1 year and 3 months since being reported, one year since “and identified the cause” and 4 months since “team looking into a fix now”. Listen, I get it…this is likely not the biggest bug in the whole world but I am starting to get the feeling like these replies I am getting from Sense are disingenuous which is more annoying than the bug itself at this point. A valid answer is, “Ryan, thanks for identifying the bug but we at Sense feel it’s a higher priority for the dev team to work on device discovery so at this point I don’t know when we will get to it.”

Hey Ryan,

I totally understand the frustration here, and I’m sorry I haven’t kept this thread up-to-date. It’s not at all our intention to be disingenuous in any way. These bug reports are important for us to log and keep track of, and the team often does look into the cause of a bug and may identify a possible fix as part of the triage and prioritization process, but as you might imagine, some fixes end up being more challenging and have to get slotted in against other high priorities like device discovery, etc. which is exactly what’s happened here.

So: definitely my bad for not updating the thread when the team realized that a fix wouldn’t be coming quickly. I don’t know when they will get to it, but will absolutely check in and let them know that this is still a pain point for our solar customers. I’ll also try and be better about updating this thread down the road.

Thanks again for your patience and persistence. Enjoy the weekend!

As I noted almost 2 years ago there is a bug in the real-time data monitor.

As it was told to me in the thread that it was an understood bug that would be fixed soon. Then the thread was closed but the bug remains, why?

Is that still an issue affecting you ? The reason I ask is that I used to see it, but not anymore. I went in and out of the realtime monitor 3 times during the time span below… Admittedly much lower solar production than the situation you posted. Probably best for you to check in with

Sorry about the thread closure. I’ll move it out of Known Issues and back into Technical Questions.

I’ll check on the status of this.

Just checked with the team on this and it was shelved to attend to more pressing bugs that affect users globally. The good news is that we’ve triaged it to get dealt with very soon. I’ll update when I know more.

Do note that this shouldn’t be affecting your data in any way. It’s just a visual bug that, as you note above, self corrects.