Real-time Data Solar Dip in Power Meter


As noted by @ryan.lynch, the power meter may show dips in real-time solar production. We’ve logged a bug with the development team and will try and update this thread when a fix is available.

2 Year Old Bug - Realtime Dip in Power Meter
Realtime Data Solar Dip in Power Meter

I noticed a weird pattern when looking at the power meter graph. Every time I would open it up there would be a dip of about 10 minutes of my solar production which would immediately correct itself right away.


This didn’t seem right since I was not aware of any cloud or anything else that would cause this blip. On a lark I cleared the Sense app (swipe up on iOS) and restarted it only to see a brand new dip and the prior dip was now missing and a new dip had started.

Missing Dip - Notice Time Stamps

New Dip

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I’ve seen that too. My theory is that it’s some correction factor they pushed a while back, but it can’t be applied in real time. Dunno, sounded good when I came up with it.


It’s my understanding that the Sense API has different endpoints or methods for real-time data and older data (which I am guessing is like the last 15 minute increment??). @NJHaley, I think you are right that it is not applying the correction but only for the initial real-time dataset retrieved for the graph but not the ongoing real-time data. But…dunno, sounds good to me :slight_smile:


Don’t see the dip on the Android app.


I don’t see that on my IOS app for my solar


Try now, it only seems to do it when the sun is out :wink:

Maybe both of you have a device with the proper initial calibration. Howard, I know you have a newer one, not sure about @1agkirk2.


My Sense appears to be a problem child for the Sense folks as I have not
detected a device in 45 days of use.
They have reset and reloaded firmware 4 times, always taking 10 days and
giving the same vague explanation of ‘something happened during setup’ .
Four times?

But I digress. My Android app doesn’t have a dip, just the normal power
tracking bumps. This screenshot was over a 5 minute period not sure why
the labels don’t display.

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Here is one when the inverter has settled in. Sense Power 2


Good point, my new one may be better made than my original.


@ryan.lynch & Nicholas,

Thanks for pointing this out!

What graph are you looking at for the Solar readings? Is this recent history?
Also, how long have you noticed this issue? Is it something new?


I’ve seen it since the install, I think. Several months at least. I see it when I go to usage and follow real time. It’s a minor bug, really, it corrects itself and is only there for the past 10min of real time or so. Close the app and the dip resets when you open the app again, past 10min or so…


Okay thanks! I’ve made our engineering team aware of this bug.

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Any updates on this with the dev team?


Thanks for following up! Our dev team looked into this and have identified the cause. They’re going to work on getting this fixed soon. I’ll post an update here when it’s been fixed.


It’s been 3+ months. Adding new pester message.


Hey Ryan,

No updates, unfortunately. It is something that we’re aware of and do intend to fix at some point! The team has just been focused on other fixes and improvements.


Almost 1 year since this was reported.


I still see it too.

And I really hate to say it, but I still see a minor “daytime dip.”


Looking at your energy plots for solar is making me want to have solar. I’m just nervous about the commitment.