Rough count of devices on in Other

Even if Other can’t know what devices are on, could it give a rough count of the number of startup spikes it’s seen minus shutoffs?
Eg. “(2-4) Others”. Or “(12-18) Others”.

Even better would be
(1-2) Other > 600w
(10-15) Other < 600w

One of the challenges is that changes in consumption aren’t always an “on” or “off” event. Anything with a variable speed motor is a perfect example of this. It’s one device, but if you counted every speed change as a separate event, you’d end up greatly overestimating your device count.

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I can see some challenges with that approach.

  • Other isn’t really a sum of a bunch of items. It’s a subtraction of power/energy of everything identified from Total Consumption at each half second in time. So treating it as a collection of devices with power spikes really gives an incorrect picture. More details on why:

  • Some of the biggest on and off signatures don’t show up as “spikes” but rather as ramps. A good example are EVs. Even though Sense is busy working to detect these, it’s not via spikes:

  • Spikes within a few watts of one another might be the same device, while some with the same exact wattage might be different devices, so you are unlikely to get a good sense of how many unique devices turned on and off.

  • Spikes within a time interval have no real correlation with energy used because up and down spike counts are uncorrelated. What time interval were you thinking about reporting this on ?

I’m guessing it would be possible to produce a histogram of up spikes and down spike that the Sense monitor has detected vs. peak power of spikes, but what would that actually mean ? Look at the example below - I can’t interpret the the non-identified power spikes in any meaningful way, even if I had a histogram.

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I like an OLED TV as a nice example of this.

The “Other” bubble pulsing with ad breaks, outdoor scenes, hell knows (Hell scenes possibly dark so low wattage?).


You point out that there needs to be one more bullet:

  • Many/most usage spikes are not related to on/off signatures. Sense seems to be pretty good at filtering out much of the electronic usage noise vs. real on/off signatures with the ones it actually labels with power in the Power Meter, but it’s probably not 100%.
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