Sense accuracy compared to meter

Our recent bill from LADWP show a 2 month usage of 2827kwh, but our Sense shows 2479kwh. This is a significant difference. Due to our electric panel, Sense probes are connected before the meter. Might this be a problem with the meter or can the Sense be this far off?

Check the following

  • Are the actual bill cycle days perfectly matched with your Sense data?

  • Do you see any dropout periods in the Sense data?

Ideally, download the Sense data and look at the daily totals and for any dropouts in the Power Meter graph.

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I did extensive analysis of Sense vs. my utility on an hour by hour basis, over a couple of long periods of time here:

My numbers showed Sense to be extremely close to my utility, PG&E, except when I had data dropouts on the Sense data side.

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I’m fortunate enough to have my meter read in the first day of each month so comparing to Sense is easy. Sense has always been extremely accurate with totals. For September the utility read 1303 while Sense showed 1300.
You’ve had a data dropout or it was incomplete for another reason.

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