Sense Accuracy

Maybe it’s just me or has anybody else notice sense reporting accuracy (consumption, solar…etc) off a bit. I’ve kept detailed utility company details (consumption, solar production) in a worksheet since 2017 to compare with sense reporting. Typically, I would see a <2% daily difference in consumption and in solar production (utility data vs sense sense data). Last couple billing cycles accuracy has doubled to >4% and current cycle is >20% accuracy. Not sure if there is a known bug or if resetting sense is in order.

I’m not seeing a falloff in accuracy. When I check my hourly net data vs my utility hourly net, there’s no hit in accuracy in the past couple months.

If I look at percent difference between hourly data, I do see a few crazy datapoints.

When I look in more detail, they seem to be datapoints where my utility power reading is abysmally small. After removing those, the accuracy chart looks pretty good across the months. May had a couple disturbances when my electrician turned off the power to my Sense hence the aberrations.

Viewing the hourly % diff as a monthly histograms shows remarkable similarity between months.

Thanks for the feedback. I will reboot and monitor.

You might want to go back and be on the lookout for data dropouts in Power Meter, like the ones below - that’s when my electrician had the power off to my Sense. Drops like these could have dropped your Sense numbers.

Here’s a smaller “error” - another dropout due to an power outage in June.

And here’s a dropout that I blame on Sense. Occasionally my Sense monitor does seem to lose data, but not very often.