Sense API Postman Collection


For those that want to play around with Postman and get some data from the Sense API, you can use the Postman collection I posted here:


Thanks for all your work here! I’ve been using it for quite a while now but first started doing some exports to try to nail down device issues. Do you know of a nice way to ‘log’ all data automatically? I don’t think the per device data can be done this way but it would at least give you most of the data.

Support has been telling me to delete a device and I am hesitant because its a very big energy user that has some nice data. Suddenly it has started to track the duration again and this timing makes me wonder if it was a firmware update or just the model updating.

I realize support doesn’t have the time to watch one users devices and analyze the data, but it would be nice if we can help them somehow when we see something they don’t.


Not from Postman no.