Sense as a Device Itself


How much electricity does the Sense Monitor itself draw… I can’t imagine its all that much, but is it constant, or does it spike while processing data, power increase when WiFi signal strength is low, use more with solar features enabled, etc???

If we had the monitor itself listed as it’s own device, it would expect it to deduct from Always On and help those of us trying to get that unknown category audited and reduced.

I don’t think it would need it’s own bubble necessarily (so maybe option to hide), but having it as a device entry would help address always on, and could maybe even be used for troubleshooting purposes if users and support are able to see if the power usage on it goes outside of a set tolerance.

It seems that with the hardware monitoring everything else so precisely for current and voltage, I can only assume it is aware and able to report on it’s own utilization. Even if not, there must be a known signature for the monitor itself since 100% of the users have one! It may not be the most exciting first device to be identified for new users, but still would be pretty good to demonstrate the model of metering draw at the individual device level.


I’m not sure we want the monitors to become self aware. I saw this movie and it doesn’t end well.


Per the product page:

137mm x 66mm x 32mm


Power consumption
Less than 5 watts.

If you really wanted to measure it, you could temporarily relocate the Current clamps to be around the “split-phase” power wires on the unit. There might be some inherent inaccuracies if the clamp is designed for higher gauge wires.