Sense detected faulty thermostat on #2 furnace

Noticed via Sense that my gas heater #2 was consuming 5 times the power of the larger #1 unit. Turned out the #2 unit was running both the a/c and gas heat. Diagnosis rogue thermostat. If it was not for Sense not sure how long the problem would have gone on at a large expense.

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Just curious, what does sense detect on a gas heater? It has only found one of my AC units so far, but nothing for the heaters which are starting to get used. Since it’s gas, I wasn’t sure how it would look or if sense would find it.

Fan and possibly the electronic ignitor.

Thanks for sharing!

Thanks for that. One more question, what does it classify those devices as? I have a new mystery heat that seems to run the whole time one of my gas furnaces is on. Would the blower show up as a heat source or a motor?

A blower should be identified as a motor. Also worth mentioning that Sense may automatically re-classify the mystery device once it has seen it run more.