Sense found some bulbs I thought I had changed but had not

So Sense found a new light today and claimed it was pulling 344 watts. I “knew” there was no way this could be right as with the exception of one torch light the most any of my lights pull is about 80 watts as I had replaced all incandescent bulbs in the house with either CFL or LED. Had no idea what this was so I set an alarm for it. Well it went off and I found four recessed lights in my bedroom ceiling were on. I turned them on and off a few times and this new light went on and off. Turns out what I “knew” was wrong. I thought I had replaced all the incandescent floods to CFL years ago, turns out that three of these four that are 15 feet high never got changed. Now I have a project to get rid of the three that must be pulling about 100 watts each. So, Sense will finally be saving me some money by identifying this error. If only Sense came with a 15’ ladder :slight_smile:


Well I pulled three of the four bulbs out. Left the one CFL, the three I removed were 120 watt incandescent flood bulbs. I replaced them with LED bulbs that pull about 24 watts each. Strange thing is that three 120 bulbs should 360 watts which is more than Sense was showing them pull with the one 23 watt CFL bulb. That indicates Sense might have only been seeing about 90% of the load. That is not good.

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Oh, and the expected result did happen that Sense no longer recognizes these lights, but that is a small price to pay for saving almost 300 watts.


I had a similar experience, we thought we had switched all of our incandescent bulbs to LEDs. However, when turning the lights on in our closet I noticed it was using four times the amount of energy for three bulbs as our vanity lights (6 bulbs) were! We opened the closet light up, and BAM there they were! It’s just one more experience that is making me LOVE our Sense!

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