Sense has been seeing a bulb burning out


I know I have seen a thread about Sense picking up when a device is starting to go out before it blows, but I can’t find it.

I have a bearded dragon under a lamp with two lights plugged into a timer. Sense sees them as one device on and off together. It took about six weeks to detected it but has been very consistent up until about two weeks ago. I started telling me the device was off, I’d go check and they would still be on.

Well, this afternoon, it popped up that the device (both lights) turned off. it turns out that one of the bulbs is burned out.

If this would be helpful, I’d be happy to provide more details and data to the tech guys.


Hi Becky,
I think you are thinking about HomeCheck

Also posted in the forums here


I’ll be watching for that when it detects the lights for our dragon.
May I ask which burned out? Our UV lamp is CFL so not much
draw but the heat lamp is about 100 watts and I;m curious if it
picked up on the UV.
I cannot see very often on my graph or timeline any lighting in
my home. Almost everything is LED and I can watch the timeline
while turning them on and off and they just don’t get picked up.
I don’t really care. I wanted sense for the high wattage devices,


A bit off topic, but CFL and LED lights are almost never picked up by sense due to their extremely low draw and accordingly, signatures that are very difficult to pick up on.

Incandescent can be found, but of course as many of us (especially energy conscious people like many Sense users are) eliminate incandescent bulbs from our homes, those items will go unfound.

I don’t concern myself with it a great deal as the total sum of nearly every light in our household now (all LED) is less than what just the lights in our kitchen halogen tracklight used to be on it’s own. In short, it’s almost inconsequential in the grand scheme of our house. :wink:


maybe so. I realized in hind sight what was going on, I didn’t know if the data would be help to analyze.


this was the heat lamp. it sees them as one device (I think) because they’re plugged into a timer to turn them on and off. If I switch them on and off individually, Sense doesn’t identify them.

I think what was happening, is that as the heat lamp was starting to go out, the energy signature was far enough off that it became unrecognizable as the device. I’ll watch for it next time and know to get a bulb ahead of time.


my Sense has identified LED lights, but only in instances where there are several in a set, like the bathroom light fixture.


@Becky I have LED in sets that done register at all and my

Dining light looks like a Christmas tree with 9 or 10 bulbs in it. A couple are burnt out right now.
But doesn’t register. It’s a good thing in a way because I know it’s not costing much.


LOL! i have thought the same time about my nightlights and such.