Sense merged devices incorrectly

Overnight Sense merged my basement furnance (350W draw) and my upstairs furnance (550w draw). They run at different times and different loads. Where do I see the Unmerge option?

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@alexanderboeglin Hey there, sorry to hear about the erroneous device merge here. If you haven’t already, can you write to

Unless something has changed recently, its impossible to ‘unmerge’ devices once the algorithm makes this mistake.

Hopefully they find a way to address this.

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This is an extremely frustrating problem and it’s hard to believe it hasn’t been addressed yet. It’s been an issue since the auto-merge feature was introduced.

Agreed! Support was useless - response was that’s how it’s supposed to work. Insane that Sense suddenly stops understanding that a 350W load is different from a 550W load. I ended up having to delete my now combined furnace. Guess Sense won’t let me track how much my various heating units costs. At this pace not sure what the point of sense is other than to tell me I’m generally using electricity.

If you have had a device that has been erroneously auto-merged, please write into (if you haven’t already) so we can take a further look and track this issue.

@pswired I’ve noticed an uptick in the threads here regarding erroneous auto-merge and will check back in after learning a bit more on what’s been done here/what we see on our end. Unfortunately, not a lot of users with this issue have actively reported it to Support so it’s making it difficult to gauge.

@alexanderboeglin I did check with Support on your specific case - all the evidence on our end indicates signals of two signals that were from the same device. I do understand the desire to un-merge devices that native detection has auto-combined, and recommend you post this in the Product Wishlist forum for users to upvote.

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