Sense solar question

My solar panels are on the barn roof and tied in at the meter/pole outside the house rather than running in through my breaker box. I’ve my sense (energy only) for a couple of years now and wonder if there are any new options for tying in and tracking my solar input.

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What kind of distance is the meter/pole tie or the Solar inverter output from the Sense location? I assume it’s more than using the 40ft CT extension cable might solve? Not sure what the practical limit is there … perhaps one can go beyond that using multiple cables? @RyanAtSense?

80’ is the tested maximum (connecting two 40’ extensions). It’s possible you may have luck beyond that point, but signal degradation will occur in longer cable runs.

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Two thoughts:

  • You can try a long extension cable - here’s a guy that did a DIY about 80 feet long.
    Extend CT cables? - #3 by GoldenCO
  • Or try moving the whole kit to meter box on the pole and use some kind of WiFi extender as needed if that is physically possible.

I think it might be 80’. Probably 60 to 70 to the house and its inside on a back wall

Thank you all for the input. I’ll contact support privately for more specifics.

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