Can Sense be used to detect solar on a grid tie inverter that's plugged into the ac outlet?


Can Sense be used to detect solar on a grid tie inverter that’s plugged into the ac outlet and if so how?

I have two large solar cells tied into a 1000 w grid tie inverter in my garage and the output of the inverter is plugs into an outlet. I’m interested in tracking this, but it’s pretty far from the electrical panel and from what I can tell I need to separate wires to clamp around.

Anyone ever set something like this up before?


240 outlet? Not sure of the limitations but you can extend the wire of the CT clamp for at least 30 - 50 ft, maybe more. I am assuming this is a rogue inverter.


@dbkguy. If the garage outlet you are plugged into is dedicated to your inverter, the most simple solution would be to clamp onto it’s associated breaker feed in your panel. If it’s not on a dedicated breaker, my suggestion would be to make it so.


I’m not sure if a kasa hs110 will keep track of reverse power. It could be a simple solution.


Took the words out of my mouth, worth a shot unless someone knows the answer for certain.

Worst case you’re out ~$15 on an experiment.


Some ppl use kill a watt meters (per HS110 idea)… but yeah, a dedicated 110 it 220 love to the breaker box would be best for Sense Solar


As said above, if a dedicate circuit, just clamp in your panel.
If its a shared circuit, using extension leads, can you get the Solar CT clamps to that outlet?
Then you could use two of these -
to be able to get the clamps on the leads from the solar inverter. It won’t be pretty, but would save you from splicing the cable.